Why Our World Would End If Cheap Towels Disappeared

Buy Cheap Towels

Towels are one of those personal belongings that many take for granted but did you know that when cheap towels disappear, your world can actually end? There are different types of towels that are being sold in stores today with prices ranging from cheap to expensive depending on the materials used, the process in which the towels are manufactured, and of course the size, style, color, and others. There are hand towels, hair towels; beach towels, sports towels, you name it and for sure you will find one in stores near you.

Bu why would the world end of cheap towels disappear?

You might not think much of cheap towels, but they do come in handy. Here are some of its uses:

Cheaply priced towels can be used as your regular bath towel as they can quickly absorb water so you can dry off faster. You can have the option of going for the thicker weaving if you want to add that luxurious feel to your skin or you can go for the thin ones that can do the job of drying your skin.

Another use of cheap towels is for the beach. Investing on the more expensively priced towels may seem like a good idea but you don’t really need to pay a lot to get quality towels. As a matter of fact, instead of being weighed down with heavy towels, going for the lighter, not to mention cheaper towels that are much better as you can simply roll or drape the towel on your beach bag.

Even hand towels provide convenience whether you actually notice it or not. Hand towels are basically cheap towels that come in small sizes which can be used not only for hands but for face and body as well.

Now imagine these conveniences disappear. What will happen to you? How will you dry yourself? What will be your protection against the sun especially while on the beach? How will you clean up without cheap towels to help rub the dirt off your body? How will you wipe away the sweat from your body after a grueling workout session? Will you use your own clothing to dry yourself? Of course not!

Cheap towels may be an ordinary, day-to-day item that you don’t really pay much attention to but once they’re gone, you’ll feel at a loss as to what you’re going to use to keep yourself dry. Using your own clothes may be the next best thing but the fabric isn’t appropriate for the job and can even be abrasive to the skin.

The next time you shop for cheap towels, think of their numerous uses. For sure, you will show better appreciation for this handy item soon enough.


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17 Surprising Ways Bulk Beach Towels are More Refreshing than New Socks

Salon Towels

Whether it is for a hotel or for personal orders, buying bulk beach towels can prove to be a good idea. In fact, based on the reasons specified below, beach towels can be more refreshing than a new pair of socks!

  1. Sweaty? Do not let sweat ruin your beach-ready body. With a beach towel with you, you can easily wipe off that sweat and appear attractive in the eyes of everyone.
  2. After swimming in the ocean and if it is already time for a meal, beach towel can dry you up and will allow you to eat and enjoy your food!
  3. Bulk beach towels are often purchased to serve as a mat on the sand as well. As long as it repels sand, the towel will be your savior on your next beach trip.
  4. With the right choice of material for bulk beach towels, they can be comfortable in ways more than one. Choose cotton or any material that is soft.
  5. After having fun on the beach, with sand on your body, beach towels can help such to be taken off easily.
  6. Is the beach bed hard and uncomfortable? Take out the beach towel and use it to cover the surface to make it more comfortable.
  7. Walking on the beach under the extreme heat of the sun? Use the beach towel as a cover to shield the skin from too much heat.
  8. Sand on your hair? Do not worry. Get back your refreshing look by taking it off with the use of a beach towel.
  9. Bulk beach towels are large enough to serve as a cover when you are changing clothes on the beach.
  10. Depending on the design of the bulk beach towels, it will help to create a powerful fashion statement while on the beach.
  11. Sleeping on a beach bed? Fold your beach towels and in an instant, it can be converted into a makeshift pillow.
  12. In the same way that it can be used for a beach bed, beach towels can also be used in lounge chairs.
  13. Thinking of drying your hair after a plunge in the pool? Beach towels will prove to be handy as well.
  14. Don’t you want your hair being exposed to the heat of the sun? You can use beach towel to cover your head.
  15. Just like socks, there are different patterns available. Choose a design that is perfect for the beach. Bright colors are more refreshing!
  16. With a lightweight towel rolled on your body, you will have a cover without the burden of too much weight.
  17. You can also buy bulk beach towels that are scented. For sure, this will make beach time more refreshing.
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12 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Black Salon Towels

Black Salon Towels

While most people prefer light-colored or even plain white towels for home use, there are also plenty of beauty parlors and barber shops that choose to use black salon towels. Not only do these towels look attractive, classy and simple, its simple black color can easily be matched to the interiors and entire motif of any salon.

Most of us go to the salon at least a few times each year, and if our preferred salon still uses this towel color, we most probably have no choice but to use it. One wouldn’t really want to be too annoying by showing how sensitive they can be and bring his or her own towel when heading to the salon. While some of these may be pure fiction and others are sad realities, here are 12 things you wouldn’t want to hear about black salon towels.

  1. You’d probably be grossed out if you overhear a salon staff saying, “This used towel is dry already; we might as well use it again for that new customer who just came in.”
  2. Another salon staff who would say, “Our towels are black anyway; let’s just hang it on the chairs tonight and reuse these ones tomorrow.”
  3. Water or any other liquid spilled on the salon floor, and you see a staff using one of the black salon towels to wipe the floor then putting the towel right back on the shelf.
  4. A salon running low on budget bought black salon towels that were already used hundreds of times in that other salon that’s closing down across the street.
  5. “Laundry is piling up. Let’s use these towels over again for the next few days until we can catch up on the laundry.”
  6. Some harmful salon treatment chemicals used for the previous customer are still on that used towel that’s on your head right now.
  7. A massage parlor chose to use black salon towels so they won’t have to wash used towels all the time.
  8. Even worse, the spa that comes with a sauna facility also chose to use black salon towels. Those sweaty towels don’t need to be washed as often anymore. Cost-cutting on laundry expenses!
  9. There’s no need to use a lot of germ and bacteria-killing cleaning ingredients on black salon towels because the dirt won’t show anyway.
  10. Why buy color-safe bleach when you don’t have to bleach black fabric anyway?
  11. After drying, a stack of black salon towels dropped on a dirty floor area. Should I wash it again? No one will know anyway.
  12. As per our customer review “I’m a salon owner, and I think black salon towels would match the interior of my salon very well. I actually already purchased 5 dozens from a wholesale supplier just when I read online that most customers think black salon towels are gross, and many have said it’s out of style!”
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The Insider’s Guide to Wholesale Towels

Bulk Wholesale Towels

More individuals and companies are looking to purchase wholesale towels. The basic idea here is that buying these products in bulk will help to achieve better cost savings, and the funds saved can be used on other things. This means that a household can use the accumulated savings to buy other home supplies, or a company can consider the savings as part of the overall profit. While buying wholesale towels does come with a number of very clear advantages, there are some other benefits that can be gained or maximized if you know certain things from the inside. Here are some inside tips to help you to squeeze more benefits out of buying wholesale towels.

  1. Try to Go Directly to the Source
    One of the advantages of buying wholesale towels is that you’re cutting out the middle companies, who profit from the transaction but in doing so, add to your costs. So, one key insider tip is simply going directly to the source, namely the manufacturer, in order to get the best possible price. Keep in mind though that this may not always be possible in your area. Some manufacturers choose to sell only to middle companies, because of existing contractual arrangements, or they may be afraid to get on the bad side of their distributors. So in these cases, you won’t be able to buy directly from the manufacturer. But this is still worth a try because if you can find a manufacturer willing to sell you wholesale towels, you’ll be getting what could be the best possible price for these items.
  1. Get in Touch with Many Manufacturers
    This ties into the first insider tip. After all, there is no one single manufacturer for wholesale towels. Instead, there are many companies who produce these, and so it makes sense to try to get in touch with as many of these as possible. Google is your friend here, and it will allow you to find out the contact information of these firms. You could also choose to go old school and use hard copies of telephone directories or ads in newspapers. Once you have your list, you need to get the ball rolling by finding out their minimum number of towels per order. Since these are manufacturers who sell in bulk, you can expect these minimum numbers to be rather high. This is one of the first questions that should be asked to avoid wasting time. You’re looking for a manufacturer that sells wholesale towels, but which has a minimum number per batch that is actually in line with your needs.
  1. Do Your Due Diligence
    This is something that should be done in general anyway, but it’s particularly important when it comes to buying wholesale towels directly from manufacturers. This is because these manufacturers may not be well known companies with an easily determined reputation for quality or the lack thereof. So you need to hunt online for feedback and other reviews on the company’s wholesale towels. Since you will be buying so many of these, even for your first order, you need to achieve some certainty regarding the quality of the wholesale towels, as well as the ability of the company to deliver on its promises. Keep in mind as well that many of these companies may be based in a different country, so reliability and credibility are even more important in this situation.
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10 Myths about Bulk Washcloths

Bulk Washcloths

A lot of people today don’t use washcloths. This is because they are already prejudiced against buying washcloths in bulk. And even if they have a bunch of washcloths at home, they are just sitting there in the linen closet. Below are some of the myths about bulk washcloths.

One of the myths about washcloths is that they harbor bacteria. While there is some truth to it, it depends on how the washcloths in bulk were dried after use.

People also think that washcloths don’t bubble up easily. It is because they use washcloths cloths made of hard materials. If they want washcloths that bubble up, then use a soft one or a baby washcloth.

Another myth about washcloths in bulk is that they are too soft that they can’t exfoliate the skin. There are different types of washcloths in the market that are made for various purposes. Soft washcloths are often made for babies and young kids. They are also ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Another thing that some people don’t like about washcloths is that they can only use them once because it gets stiff the next day. In their cases, they failed to properly rinse and dry the washcloths after use.

People avoid buying washcloths in bulk because they think that it damages their face. The truth is that it can only harm the skin if they are dirty. That’s why it is important to know how to avoid molds from happening.

Washcloths are less sanitary. Well, it depends on how frequent you launder them. It is best to buy washcloths in bulk. That way, you can use a new one each day if you are concerned about the sanitary aspect of the washcloths.

Washcloths should only be used from time to time. This is not true. The skin sheds and accumulates bacteria daily. Washing with washcloths means you are entirely clean from head to toe. It helps in exfoliating the skin and makes you feel clean and fresh after the shower.

People find it disgusting when they reuse washcloths. Probably they don’t know how to clean, rinse and dry the cloths properly after use. It is important to ensure that the washcloths are dried properly after every use to avoid molds from forming.

People buy washcloths in bulk to use them only for their faces. This is an inefficient way of utilizing washcloths. It is okay to use the same washcloth for the face and body as long as you wash the face first.

Using washcloths is a cultural thing. This myth is not true at all. According to retailers, people off all races buy washcloths in bulk. That means culture is not an issue when it comes to the use of washcloths.

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Bulk Gym Towels

Bulk Gym Towels

Regardless of you being a full-time gym owner or a just an individual who enjoy working out at home, it is quite right to think that buying bulk gym towels can save you a lot of trouble. As health enthusiasts, we are aware that having a towel beside us when we workout is very helpful, and sometimes, one is not enough during an intense workout.

Owning just a few pieces of gym towels can be a bit problematic. This would then mean that you have to wash only a few towels every time you finish a workout. Not only does this cost you your savings on resources such as water and detergent, it also makes you want to deter from working out. Who would want to do workouts only to wash towels afterwards?

By buying towels in bulk, you can save time, resources and energy because you can use and wash them in batches. This way, you can be liberal in wiping off all those sweat while working out without having to wash a single piece of cloth every time you finish. Some of the stores that sell these also offer discounts when you buy in bulk.

So, should you buy bulk gym towels or should you resort to buying them by the piece? If you are a regular fitness junkie who enjoys sweating a lot from workouts, then maybe it is about time to buy more than a piece of gym towel when shopping.

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Mechanic Shop Rags

Shop Towels

While many people believe that mechanic shop rags are the cheap remains of old shirts or towels. The truth is that proper shop rags are built to last and provide the kind of durability needed at gas stations, garages, oil change specialists and auto repair centers. However, shop rags are also used in many places that involve manufacturing, maintenance or repair work, particularly on items that use substantial amounts of oil or grease.

For your business chain, having a large supply of shop rags is essential in keeping the hands and the shop area clean so that business can be performed. This is why having mechanic shop rags from a respected wholesale manufacturer can really make the difference for your needs.

What are Mechanic Shop Rags?

Basically, they are similar in size to hand towels, usually at 14” x 14” or even larger such as 18” x 18”. They are usually square and fashioned from highly durable materials that are not so much created to be comfortable as they are to pick up the oil, grease, dirt, debris and grit that are found around auto repair shops.

A standard towel or rag from an old shirt does not last very long when used in a mechanic’s shop. These types of materials simply cannot hold up to the amount of work that they will do even over a short period of time. Plus, they are not designed for the oil or grease present that will quickly render the fibers in the materials useless rather quickly.

A proper shop rag is crafted from heartier fibers that are denser so that it can absorb the oil, grease and debris while also being rather easy to clean as well. However, shop rags can do more than just clean as they are a part of your business.

How Shop Rags Work for Your Business

If you run a repair shop or have a line of oil change businesses for example, then the mechanic shop rag is one of the items that most customers will see. They are usually carried around by the technicians while doing their work.

This means that you can order rags in the colors that best suit your business. So, if you incorporate red for example in your company’s logo or building, you can have red shop rags around your company that reinforces what you do to the public. In many cases, they can be dyed to the color that you want to best reflect your business brand.

For mechanic shops and just as importantly, for retail businesses that supply such shops with many of their accessories, having on order rags of a particular color will create a stronger tie to these businesses as the shop creates a stronger tie to their customers as well.

At Towel Depot , you can find a good selection of mechanic shop rags that offer the best combination of durability, absorbance and cleaning capacity. These are the type of rags that will help improve the efficiency of your business. Plus, they are available at very low, affordable prices when purchased from us.

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What to Look for When Buying Salon Towels

What to Look for When Buying Salon Towels

Salon towels are found the world over and offer the perfect size for hand towels in millions of different homes. The salon towel not only provides a needed service, it also accentuates your bathroom as well. Plus, they are quite versatile and can be used in a number of different situations.

However, there are differences in the quality, variety and style of salon towels depending on where you purchase them. Given how much salon towels can vary in price, it is important to know what you are looking for when buying this particular type of towel.

Five Things to Look for When Buying Salon Towels

Quality: First and foremost, you should look for quality salon towels that are soft, yet durable. Salon towels are designed for daily use so they should hold up over time. Be on the lookout for bargain-basement towels that are poorly made which may only last a few months. Instead, look for the salon towels that are well made from respected manufacturers.

Color: Salon towels are not only functional as they accentuate the places where they are kept. For the bathroom, you should choose a color that best reflects the décor of the room itself. So, if you have blue and white tile for example along the walls and floor, then having blue salon towels will be the perfect addition.

Number: More is generally better than less as you can keep some salon towels stored in case something happens to one or more of them. Plus, it must be stated that hand towels are very useful which means that having extras around is a good thing. Basically, buying salon towels in numbers will mean that you save money in the long run as you not only fulfill your need but have some left in storage as well.

Company: Where the salon towels come from in terms of the company that sells them is important. You’ll want to purchase them from a respectable company that offers different colors and styles that meet your needs. Plus, the company should offer good prices and even discounts so that you will save a little money when it comes to your purchase. Online stores are particularly good because they have less overhead and they can ship the towels quickly as well.

Price: Just because a certain line of salon towels are more expensive does not mean that they are better. In fact, many salon towels will be priced very high depending on the retail store, so you should keep that in mind when looking for a particular design, pattern or color. In fact, you’ll find that many salon towels that meet your needs can be found at wholesale prices, yet they offer the same quality as the higher priced, retail versions.

At  Towel Depot, you can find the right set of salon towels to meet your needs. They have many different colors of salon hand towels that you can purchase at low, wholesale prices. For those who want the best, salon towels offer excellent drying while staying comfortable to the skin.

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The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Towels

The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Towels

Towels are a necessary purchase both for the home and the many different industries that serve the needs of the public. From hotels and resorts to gyms, health centers and the like, towels are an essential part of our life when it comes to swimming, showering, washing our hands and the like.

For businesses that have a need for new towels on a regular basis, finding the right wholesale supplier means getting high quality towels on a regular basis at low, affordable prices. There are a number of factors in choosing which wholesale dealer is right for you. However, you must consider the advantages first before making your decision. What follows are the top five benefits of buying from a wholesale supplier of towels.

Quantity: Buying wholesale means that you are purchasing in numbers. For businesses that need towels like bulk beach towels or wholesale hand towels, volume is a very important consideration. The more you buy, the more you need a wholesale supplier who gets their product directly from the manufacturer. This means that larger orders can be fulfilled faster and far quicker than through standard retail stores.

Quality: There is better quality control through a wholesale source because it is one step removed from the manufacturer. This means that you get towels that are fresh from inspection and have not been transported or shipped around as much as when you purchase from retail stores. You can really control the level of quality by choosing the right brands and manufacturers by going wholesale.

Fast Delivery: Wholesale businesses are built on quick delivery to meet the needs of their customers. Because of this, they can deliver their items much faster than retail stores who must actually go to wholesale companies to fulfill large orders. You can save your company time by ordering straight from the supplier.

Customer Service: Working in bulk shipments means customer service is at a premium with wholesale suppliers. They understand that a happy customer who orders their products is not just buying one, but hundreds or thousands or even more. That is why wholesale dealers pay extra attention to their customer service to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Price: Obviously, price is perhaps the biggest consideration when going with a wholesale dealer. When given the choice between two identical products, the difference in the price will determine where it is purchased. A wholesale source for your towels means that you pay a mere fraction of what it would cost to buy them from a standard retail store.

The price difference does extend further than just the retail store as there are differences between wholesale dealers in terms of what they offer and how much they will charge. You can find a source that specializes in towels and save even more money when buying in bulk.

Towel Depot offers a number of different products for businesses, particularly different types of towels that are needed for their customers. If you are looking for a well-respected supplier of wholesale towels, Towel Depot is the place that you should go.

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Upcoming holiday Schedule


Our offices will be closed for holidays on November 27th, December 25th & 26th, and January 1st.

Happy Holidays.

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