Workout Towels ?>

Workout Towels

When it comes to using workout towels, one doesn’t often consider what would be the best towel for the given purpose. We wash our faces, our hands, our bodies, our hair, and most of the time we use the same standard towels that we have at home. In many cases, if we are going to the gym, we use the same supplies at the gym as we do at home. Although many gyms will offer their own towels to be…

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Some Out of the Box Uses for Flour Sack Towels (Part 2) ?>

Some Out of the Box Uses for Flour Sack Towels (Part 2)

Last week on the blog, we talked about some creative uses for flour sack towels. We learned they’ve been popular for a long time, and are great for upscale presentations. Flour sack towels work well for just about any kitchen activities. Most people figure that out by looking at or touching these towels. Their popularity over the years has led to some pretty great uses you might not have thought of right away. Last week, we discussed their role in…

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Benefits of buying your own Gym Towels ?>

Benefits of buying your own Gym Towels

Often, people might be tempted to think that a certain type of product does not have a varying degree of quality. Towels are often perceived this way, mainly because many see them as simple pieces of fabric that are used for drying oneself. Because of this, they do not see the reason why would anyone choose between different types of towels, or that there even are different types at all. But, the truth of the matter is that in this…

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Your perfect Golf Towel ?>

Your perfect Golf Towel

Golf towels are extremely beneficial for golfers as they allow the players to get rid of the sweat on their hands or wipe their hands clean after handling the golf accessories or the golf ball. They are a must for every golfer whether novice or professional. Small in size, these towels are usually made of cotton and they can be easily clipped to the golf bag with the help of a grommet and hook on the left hand corner. Golf…

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Salon Towels Giveaway ?>

Salon Towels Giveaway

Like & Share this post . Will announce winner in a week at You will receive 12 Salon towels bleach resistant in size 16 x 27

Out of the Box Uses for Flour Sack Towels (Part 1) ?>

Out of the Box Uses for Flour Sack Towels (Part 1)

Turn the clock back two hundred years or so, all the way back to Colonial times. If you were to go into someone’s home, what would you find there? Think about it for a moment. Are you done? Good — odds are, you nailed a couple of items right off the bat. Most figure candles, or firewood, or wooden furniture. All would be good guesses.  If you’re not involved in the textile industry, a few of the other answers may…

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Your Guide to Bath Towels ?>

Your Guide to Bath Towels

Bath towels are one of the most greatly used linens at home. A high quality bath towel has to be more not only attractive. These linens has to be able to endure repeated washing’s, they have to be absorbent and soft and most essentially, bath towels has to be resistant to odors while being gentle to skin that’s sensitive. Begin With A Quality Material A great bath towel begins with a quality material. The best three materials which high end…

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Your Guide to Bed Sheets and Pillows ?>

Your Guide to Bed Sheets and Pillows

Tips on “Your Guide to Bed Sheets and Pillows” and related topics are very common. In fact, they rank among the most-searched topics over the internet. An undeniable truth is prospective shoppers always want to acquire the best pillows and bed sheets. This is the only way they are assured of a good ambiance and maximum comfort in the bedroom. Nonetheless, finding the best beddings is never easy considering the numerous products and stiff competition in the market. The following…

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Cut Your Dependence on Paper Towels to Save Money, and the Environment ?>

Cut Your Dependence on Paper Towels to Save Money, and the Environment

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve noticed companies doing everything they can to cut down on paper. The current and long standing name for this shift is “going green,” and everybody’s doing it.  The healthcare industry in the United States is shifting their clerical work to digital. Studies say this could save hospitals up to $9,000 a year per physician. Considering the size of the healthcare industry, savings could be in the billions. These are the same sort of…

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The Towel Depot to Make Surprise Appearance at Coachella 2016 ?>

The Towel Depot to Make Surprise Appearance at Coachella 2016

This year’s Coachella festival continues to offer up surprises for its attendees. Guns n’ Roses took the stage for the first time in years, alongside fellow rock legend Angus Young. Kanye West, Rihanna, Ice Cube, and Snoop Dogg all appeared to give special performances. Perhaps the biggest surprise came right before Killer Mike and Run the Jewels performed. They took the stage — but not before an introduction by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The festival has always had its fair…

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