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Towel Depot Stock washcloths both in 100% cotton and in a blend of 86/14 cotton/polyester. The blended washcloths also have their loops made of 100% cotton. The blend ratio gives the washcloths that extra strength which is needed to last repeated laundry washings.

Our washcloths come in two qualities i.e. Economy Washcloths and 13 x 13 Premium Washcloths, Wholesale Washcloths are in size 12 x 12 , which is mainly for everyday cleaning purpose, and hotel motel premium washcloths available in both 12 x 12 and 13 x 13 Washcloths, anything in premium is durable and ideal of hotel and motel use.


100% Cotton Terry Washcloths 12x12

1lbs per dozen and 0.75lbs per dozen - White or Dye

If you are looking for premium and softer quality towel , please click here for our premium Wash Cloths

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