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14x17 100% Cotton Terry Bar Towels Bar Mops

100% Cotton Terry Towels
Bar Terry Towels
14x17 inches
25 Dozen or 100 Dozen case pack
We can also color dye terry towels for you -
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14x17 - Plain White Terry Bar Towels

Bar towels are required in bulk by restaurants and bars. Our plain white 14x17 terry bar towels are ideal for multipuprose cleaning. These towels are roughly used and are required in large numbers. The Towel depot offers amazing products that are sure to fit the budget and requirements, in entirety.

Close up picture of our terry bar towels loops

Product Description

The specifications of this product are as follows –

  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • Dimensions - 14 x 17 inches
  • 24 ozs per dozen

Product Characteristics

14x17 Terr Bar Mops are package in either 100 dozen compress bale pack or if you are buying smaller quantity for example 25 dozen they are normally shipped in boxes, weighing approx. 32 to 39 lbs, 14x17 Bar Towels are the cheapest terry towels you can find for better thickness, please click here for our stripe or plain white terry towels available in 28ozs to 36ozs in green stripe,blue stripe, gold stripe in both terry or ribbed constricution.


Wholesale bar mop available with us can be used for cleaning tables, countertops and any other high traffic area in a restaurant or hotel. The fabric of these towels is designed to ensure that it cleans the surfaces perfectly and prevent contamination and cross-contamination of any kind. These bulk terry towels can be used for several kinds of general purpose cleaning in bars, gyms, kitchens and restaurants.

Variety and Versatility

The bulk bar towels are available in a variety of forms and constructions. The two main types of constructions that are available are ribbed and full terry construction. Besides, if you are looking for heavier bulk bar mops, we have them in weights like 36ozs, 32ozs and 30ozs. Depending on the purpose and preference, a bulk order can be placed for specific weights and types of towels.

Cost Effective

The prices of our products are highly competitive and we can offer some amazing deals when it comes to bulk orders.

Visit our website for cheap bar mops and cheap bar towels and get an opportunity to avail some great offers.

Looking to Dye Terry Towels Click here.


100% Cotton 15 x 25 Hand Towels

White 15 x 25 Wholesale Hand Towels 2.25 per pound.

Color variation may exist & color may bleed with repeated washing
Ships from our warehouse w/in 20 (mins)
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$130.00 $75.99


12 x 12 Premium Washcloth


Kapaas Wash Cloths
86% Cotton
14% Polyester

12 x 12 1 lbs per dozen wash cloths hotel quality 
These washcloths are packaged in bulk minimum case pack is 25 Dozen without any band.

Ships from our warehouse w/in 20 (mins)
In stock
39 lbs per item


12x12 Washcloths 100% Cotton 0.75 lbs Institutional Grade


100% Cotton Terry Washcloths 12x12

0.75 lbs per dozen Heavier weight better thickness

Available in 25 dozen and 100 dozen packaging

Ships from our warehouse w/in 20 (mins)
In stock
10 lbs per item
$99.00 $79.99
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