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30 x 60 Cabana Stripe Assorted Colors

30 x 60 Cabana Stripe Assorted Colors

3 Dozen case package

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27.00 lbs per item

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Economy Cabana Stripe Pool Towels are made of 100% cotton, with vat-dyed yarns with 2X2 Cabana stripes. Maximum washability and chlorine fastness for hotel pool areas. Perfect application includes retail offerings at gift shop, or a low cost economy hotel pool towel offering.

Assorted Colors: Cases that are "assorted" means that they will contain mix bag of assorted colors.

27 x 54 Assorted Color Cabana Stripe Towels

3 Dozen case package

In stock
27.00 lbs per item


27 x 54 Six Assorted Design Jacquard Beach Towels 86% Cotton 14% Polyester (36) Pcs

86% Cotton 
14% Polyester

6 Assorted Design Jacquard Beach Towels

In stock
27.00 lbs per item


27x54 Hotel Resort Bath Towels 100% Ring Spun Cotton


100% Cotton Dobby Border 
27x54 17lbs per dozen
24 PCS White Large Premium Bath Towels ( Per Order )

Ships from our warehouse w/in 20 (mins)
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35 lbs per item
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