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36 x 68 Beach Towels


100% Cotton
36 x 68
12.75 lbs per dozen
10 Dozen case pack

Available in White, Yellow & Blue Solid Colors

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249 lbs per item

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Beach towels are essential items used in hotels, resorts, and even by individuals who plan to spend some time at the pool or the beach. Here at Towel Depot, you can find just the right item you need at reasonable prices that meet your budget.

Product Description

This product has the following features:

  • 100 percent cotton
  • Weighs 12.75 pounds per dozen
  • Available in solid colors including blue, white and yellow
  • Free Shipping


36 x 68 white beach towels are available in your choice of color whether it is yellow, blue, or white. These are compressed bale pack, As for the estimated weight of these towels, a dozen weighs about 12.75 pounds. What's great about this product is that they are made of 100% Cotton, which makes them durable. Moreover, they are reasonably priced to suit your budget and needs perfectly, 

They’re perfect for when you need a larger, heavier towel. They can be substituted for all your towel needs, as they are heavy weight and super absorbent, If you are looking for cabana stripe beach towels click here

Whether you need a beach towel for personal use or for your supplies at the hotel or resort, beach towels are just the right products for anyone & everyone. Our beach towels are absorbent & suitable for any use. You can expect them to meet your standards because, for such an affordable price, you can never find such a reasonable price -quality towels as these ones at Towel Depot.

Durability and Functionality

You are not limited to just one option with these towels because you can choose from three different colors depending on your preferences. These beach towels are available in blue, white, or yellow, so you can take your pick when it comes to your preferred color.

Cheap Beach Towels

  • 36x68

100% Cotton Salon Towels Bleach Resistant 16 x 27

Bleach Resistant Salon Towels

3 lbs per dozen

Size 16x29 Before Wash. 5 dozen & 10 dozen case pack.

We also carry solid colored non bleach resistant Hand Towels same size for only $179.99

In stock
32.00 lbs per item


12x12 Washcloths 100% Cotton 0.75 lbs Institutional Grade


100% Cotton Terry Washcloths 12x12

0.75 lbs per dozen Heavier weight better thickness

Available in 25 dozen and 100 dozen packaging

Ships from our warehouse w/in 20 (mins)
In stock
10 lbs per item
$99.00 $79.99


14x17 100% Cotton Terry Bar Towels Bar Mops

100% Cotton Terry Towels
Bar Terry Towels
14x17 inches
25 Dozen or 100 Dozen case pack
We can also color dye terry towels for you -
Looking to Dyed Terry Towels Click here.

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Ships from our warehouse w/in 20 (mins)
In stock
$199.00 $129.99
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