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Wholesale Rally Towels- A prominent marketing tool

Marketing your product or your service has been the real talk in the 21st century. With so many tools and channels one might get confused as to which marketing strategy and channel would be the best for his/her product or service. Businesses have become smart; they know their customers well.

While marketing has totally changed its game and mainly businesses and companies are shifting towards digital transformation, there are still some roots and tactics which we stay glued to. YouTube, Blogging and Facebook being intangible but highly effective marketing mediums have taken the customers by storm. The conventional way of marketing which included banners and standees are still relevant to many organizations in this digital era.

In this time where everything is turning digital, starting from your alarm clock to the switching on of your home lights using Alexa, some things such as sports can never have the same experience virtually as compared to what it has on the main field. Every company has their own style of marketing and certainly there are some mediums which are confined to specific products and services.

Take sports for example is always marketed through different sponsors. The teams are always sponsored and the brand of the player’s shirt or the famous energy drink that they have before setting the field on fire is in limelight.

Cricket is the game where fans would be seen cheering on their favorite player in their team’s shirt or hand made posters and banners. Other games such as basketball and football will also have posters made but in addition to rally towels.

People who are a big time fan of American sports must be aware of Rally Towels. It is a towel that is used by fans to cheer for their team in the field. There can be no better way to market your team other than rally towels. Rally towels are used in events related to sports and is very famous for branding. It is a famous fan symbol and is in demand when the game season is in full bloom.

They come in a standard size of 11 * 18 inches and has an allotted area of 9 * 14 inches for your brand’s promotion. The designated area for your brand is bug enough for a distant person to see the logo or the slogan of your team or company. Rally towels are made up of 100% cotton fabric and are light in weight. Your brand’s name will definitely stand out in the crowd with the use of rally towels.

Wholesale Rally Towels for your team

Have a big game coming up? Get ready for some unique marketing tools to spread the word out of your game. Build up some cool slogans for your team to have some extra promotional flaunting.

When we think of towels, the main thing that comes in our mind is drying off our faces with it or maybe lying on some cool beach towels on the white sand. There are many kinds of towels used for different purposes in different industries. Talk about towels used in hair salons to the towels that are used in the healthcare industry, the varieties are many. Rally towels are available in bulk quantities.

Ordering rally towels in whole will be more budget friendly and easy on the pocket. Wholesale rally towels are available in many vibrant colors with extra soft cotton used which is bound to be 100% pure. the whole package is irresistible with good colors, best price and plushy feel of the towel. Wholesale rally towels are long-lasting and they will sustain in a number of games which you have got tickets to. They are environmental friendly and also recyclable which make them more lovable. 

Let’s fancy your team spirit

Is your favorite team playing in the annual basketball league? Well, how can we stay behind and not buck them up? Wholesale rally towels have always been the topmost cheering tool in high school. Students love to cheer for their favorite team player and bring out the motivation in the team playing.

Fans throw the towels on their shoulders and hoot for their team in the game. You can also bring out the rage by swinging these towels in the air or wave with them for your team. The logos printed on the towel are clear enough to let the audience know which side of the team you are in. Different team colors are also prominent in wholesale rally towels.

Involving the wholesale rally towels in the game is a another level excitement. Fans gather their rally towels and make sure that their cheering squad is ready for the game season coming up. Rally towels make up a great souvenir for the game season as well. Light in weight, these towels can easily be kept forever with you as a memory to cherish forever.

High schools and university students’ use rally towels not to just throw them on the shoulders on the day of the game but they also hung them on soft boards and in the corridors to make as much noise as possible for their favorite team.

These little gestures keep the team players motivated, they know that the fans have high hopes for their team and the players work harder to win the game. All games physically played are first played mentally. If you are internally high in spirit, then you will definitely win the game with flying colors.

Rally towels owned by fans are very sensitive about their towels. These are spirited towels and fans who love their teams, don’t take their rally towels casually. Sports fan, just like other things take their rally towels as one of the most important part of the cheering paraphernalia.

Do your business a favor that you won’t regret

Get your business logo or any other design on the wholesale rally towel. Make the rally towel a marketing tool for your business. It is a great way to promote and reflect your business. Your brand name and logo will be prominent, wherever the wholesale rally towels will be used. Your customer and people around him will think about your business every single time they see the rally towel.

This way you will have your brand name embossed on the brains of the people. Use a design that is best suitable for the towel and looks attractive when transferred. Wholesale rally towels will be a great gift from your company to your clients as a piece of your brand to remember.

Embroidered Bulk Rally Towels

With everything getting customized these days’ rally towels can also be made according to your choice. It is an amazing tool to market your team or your business. It is tangible and will stay with the fan forever. Wholesale rally towels can be sent to many companies out there who are willing to print your brand’s logo and customize it according to your brand’s guidelines.

Do you have a baby showered planned up for your best friend? Get rally towels as a nice giveaway for the small private event. Rally towels look elegant and classy in their own way. Wholesale rally towels are not only handy but a great towel to flaunt as well. There will be huge variety of designs if you wish to get embroidery done on the rally towels. From different patterns to intriguing motifs, everyone will find something of their choice.

Bulk rally towels can be printed as less as 25 towels but you can always get more printed according to the needs of your brand. Wholesale rally towels can get printed for big quantities as well. They can go as high as 300,000 towels for a country level game. You do not have to worry if you are planning your customized embroidered wholesale rally towels for a small gathering or for a huge game. These towels will be available on both the occasions.

Where to purchase Bulk Rally Towels from?

Are you looking for a perfect rally towel, just in time before the match’s date comes near? Always be prepared with your rally towel way before the date approaches for the match because these promotional rally towels go out of stock in literally hours.

Pre booking of rally towels from the original website of your team starts way before. They make sure that the fans have the towels in hand to show the power of unity to the opponent team and also to cheer up their team players and for bucking up their motivation on the field.

Websites like Ebay and Amazon have a great variety of rally towels available. You will also find the different logo and pattern embossed rally towels on the websites. Get the colors you want for your brand’s promotion or for the big game coming up before they run out of stock.

Some FAQ’s about Wholesale Rally Towels

  • Color

Rally towels can easily be dyed in a variety of different options. Wholesale rally towels are made from premium 100% cottons in the size of 11 * 18 inches. Get them designed with different slogans, patterns or the team’s logo and be ready to advertise freely with the wholesale rally towel while showing support to your team.

Some colors that are rally towels are available in are black, shades of gold, blue, green, orange, pink, plain white and other bold colors. Whichever color is rally towel dyed in, it looks amazing when it is thrown on your shoulder, or maybe tired at your wrist or attached to your belt. It has its own charm and it surely makes a statement in the crowd.

History Of Rally Towels

Everything has a history behind or to the place, time and reason of where that particular thing started form. Rally towels have s history too. They go really back in time in the mid 1970’s when the major league teams played. The rally towels were used to distract the other team players and their fans.


Rally towels are now seen in different sports events, games, clubs and gyms. The rally towel business is now on another level. Branded rally towels are now what every brand is looking for.

Their fans were so crazy about the rally towels that they started purchasing rally towels in the colors of yellow and gold when they found out that the original merchandise of the football was out of stock. These rally towels created a huge hype in the market and were owned by every Pittsburgh fan.

Waving a rally towel in the middle of the game to show love and support to your team has become a tradition followed by many. It is a staple in the sports industry. Many teams and countries now have rally towels with different branding and colors to show spirit and support to their favorite teams. Something that started off as Terrible Towels is popular all around the world.

  • Disadvantage

The disadvantage of having a rally towel can be if your favorite team changes its slogan or their logo and you own an old rally towel. The sports team that you were supporting this year is not playing in the league anymore can be heartbreaking too. Some teams discontinue using bulk rally towels as their promotional souvenir. Discontinuing will be a disadvantage of you having that towel and not being able to use it the matches.

  • Terrible towel

The very first team to hand over the wholesale rally towels were the Pittsburgh Steelers in their first football match. These are the most famous towels in the history of wholesale rally towels. Everything that Pittsburgh then made for their fan following the Terrible Towel were also called as Terrible Stuff.

  • Uses

The most common use of the bulk rally towels is showing support to the sports team but these towels have made their name all the way to the different businesses and industries as well for promotional activities.

Wholesale rally towels are not only used in the famous high-end leagues but also in small matches in schools and universities, students feel super proud when they carry rally towels in their bag packs to show support and appreciation to their favorite team. These towels boost team spirit when waved in the air. When people cheer with wholesale rally towels with full energy, they prompt others to do the same.

Apart from these usual use of the wholesale rally towels, there are many other uses of bulk rally towels.

  • Wholesale rally towels are a new thing in graduation ceremonies in high schools. Students get different colored rally towels with the colors of their school team and get them distributed. The audience waved the wholesale rally towels to show support to the graduating class with full spirit when the ceremony takes place.
  • A wedding or a bridal shower, rally towels can be customized according to the event’s theme. You can get the wholesale rally towels printed, embossed or embroidered to the theme of the little party you are throwing. Gift them to your guests as a little token of appreciation and a thankful gesture for their attendance.
  • Make it a memorable promotional item in the seminar that you just planned for your corporate clients. Pair it with other promotional corporate give away for the guests. Have your logo embroidered on the rally towel to make a forever impact on the minds of your clients.
  • Wholesale rally towels are also used in household chores. Have some dust around or some spilled liquid on the floor. Rally towel can be used to wipe away the dirt and the liquid instead of paper towels. Wash them and they will turn as good as new. Since, they are durable you don’t have to worry about wholesale rally towels getting worn out with multiple washes.

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