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Date added: 12/05/2013 Resort Bath Towels

The Towel Depot has been a favorite hot spot for Facilities Managers of all luxurious resorts and hotels. The availability of towels in all shapes and shades is a reason enough for them to stop by, take a look and order without a second thought. Our premium range of resort towels is a major attraction for people managing the day to day running of large hotels and resorts. They do not have to think about the quality of towels being delivered. The brand name is enough to speak for the quality expected. 

Resort bath towels usually come in mono colors preferably soft colors of white, off white, grey and blue. These towels are comparatively heavier to average daily towels owing to the purpose they serve.  The nature of the towel is to cool you off at the pool, after a relaxing spa or a warm bath. The fabrics used are soft and are closely woven for better absorption.  These towels can also be found with cable knit designs and heavy borders for a better grip. The towels are woven, in perfection, to give you the warmth that you’re looking for. You can pick the right size as per your requirements. The dimensions available range between 20*40 to 27*70. The weight ranging up to 17lbs. Round the clock availability of the product is what makes it up for grabs.

Perfection in terms of color, dimension, size, fabric is what every buyer looks for. We like to stay a notch above. The quality of the products we deliver is a mark above the standard expectations. Washing up of these towels is also not a problem. You do not have to worry about the towels sagging after a wash despite its heavy weight. A quick spin dry wash will turn it into life all over again all in place and fluffy, just what you expect after investing in towels, in bulk. You can use these towels for a long duration owing to their durability and resistance. 

You can now avail attractive discounts on the order of these towels in bulk. The Towel Depot caters to all your requirements. The Towel Depot is a pioneer when it comes to dealing in orders in bulk.  With almost all kinds of towels available at one stop Towel Depot is exclusively manufacturing these towels keeping in mind changing consumer trends and preferences. We assure an experience that will bring you back to us each time you think of changing the set of towels in your stack.

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