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What is Thread Count in Bedding?

Thread Count

What is Thread Count in Bedding?

Thread Count

Thread Count refers to the number of even threads per square inch, Generally higher the thread counts superior the quality. Warp and weft are the two essential parts utilized in weaving.

What is Thread Count?

Learn more about Warp & Weft at Wikipedia

T-130 Sheets
65 Threads in Weft x 65 Threads in Warp = 130 Thread Count

T-180 Sheets
90 Threads in Weft x 90 Threads in Warp = 180 Thread Count

T-200 Sheets
100 Threads in Weft x 100 Threads in Warp = 200 Thread Count

T-250 Sheets
125 Threads in Weft x 125 Threads in Warp = 250 Thread Count

T-300 Sheets
150 Threads in Weft x 150 Threads in Warp = 300 Thread Count

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