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Date added: 12/05/2013 Wholesale Flour Sack Towels

With the most reasonable prices in the market, the Towel Depot is exclusively dealing in the provision of flour sack towels. With an increase in demand for flour sack towels in the hospitality sector and for daily household purposes the Towel Depot is offering a wide range of these towels at attractive prices. The towels are available on our website in a variety of colors and sizes. 

Flour sack towels are not sacks as the name suggests. Each towel is intricately woven in a layer of thin cotton threads giving it the perfect texture of neither being too thick to be a sack or too thin to be used as a cheesecloth.  Looks can be deceptive. The towels look rough on the outside but are light weight.  Its sheer appearance gives it the upper edge of being used in the kitchen for multi -purposes.  And what makes them even more useful is that they are reusable!

Do you love cooking? If yes, then you know how utterly essential it is to have a flour sack towel in the kitchen rack. These towels are a must for your kitchen. Flour sack towels can be used for a number of purposes in the kitchen.  From soaking to straining, the towels are a perfect gift if you are a chef in the making.  It can be used to make yogurts and cheese. 

The towels can be used to cover food objects and protect them from insects.  These can be used for straining and preparing thicker liquids. Each towel is woven with perfection. The delicate towels can also be used for decorative purposes. These can be used to create sheer linings in palettes and in baking various breads. The nominal amount you will have to bear for these towels will make every penny worth the buy.

Not only can the towels be used in the kitchen but is also a rebuttal for women fighting hair problems. Flour sack towels are crafted to help you overcome hair problems. What is termed as a kitchen towel can also be used in hair salons and spas.  The texture of these towels is a win-win situation for people suffering from frizz and spilt ends. The light weight towels can help you soak all the extra oil and moisture that seeps in. 

What is even better is that they are easy to use and wash. So drop in some of these towels in your cart before checking out.  A deal you cannot afford to miss. 


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