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100% Cotton 15 x 25 Hand Towels

White 15 x 25 Wholesale Hand Towels 2.25 per pound.

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16x27 Hand Towels


100% Cotton
Institutional Bale compress pack
16 x 27
2.75 lbs per dozen

If you are looking for premium , thicker & softer quality . Click here

16x27 Hand Towels, Work out towels, wholesale hand towels

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16x27 Hand Towels w/ Center Stripe


100% Cotton
Center Stripe Hand Towels

16 x 27 
2.62lbs per dozen

Available in Gold, Green & Blue Center Stripe 

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Kapaas Plus 16x27


86% Cotton 14% Blended
16 x 27 3 lbs per dozen 10 dozen case pack 

If you are looking for premium , thicker & softer quality . Click here


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Swedish Dishcloth Cellulose Sponge Cloths – Bulk 100 Pack of Eco-Friendly Reusable Cleaning Cloths for Kitchen

Sustainable Cellulose / Natural Renewable Cotton SUPER EFFECTIVE CLEANING - 100 Pack White - (8 x 7”) Our Swedish dishcloths combine the benefits of a...
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Wholesale Hand Towels

Searching for the hand towels for day-to-day family use? You'd think that finding an affordable and durable everyday hand towel would be an easy task. Various are too thin Or too harsh and Fray the first run through out of the dryer.

Some are so thick that they take two days to dry. The hand towels that addresses your issues we made our towels to meet the day by day needs of your entire family. The economy of one Or more towels means you can have a crisp towels ordinary without running out rapidly. Then again you can partition them up and utilize them in the restroom, Keep a couple in the kitchen, a couple in the nursery, and tuck a couple into your duffel (sports) bag. It is imperative that you select the best towel that is produced using comfortable materials.

Towel Depot hand towels are exceptionally agreeable for you to use in your day by day life. Our wholesale hand towels come in shining white, and they come in various size alternatives, as well — that implies we have the bulk towels you have to coordinate your needs and stylistic theme!

Hand Towels Specs

This is uniquely produced using 100 percent soft cotton that can give happy with feeling to all clients. This was produced by using characteristic materials that are safe for all clients. This most extreme permeable capacity is exceptionally valuable to help you dry your hand effortlessly and rapidly. This material is recommend for you who want to use  high quality towel in your daily life.

This material is additionally well disposed to the earth, so you will never need to bring about any harms or effects to the earth. Then again, you can utilize your fabric towel for a drawn out stretch of time. This cotton towel can be washed and cleaned in your washing machine safely . In light of this reason, you don't need to contribute a lot of vitality and effort for managing this stunning hand towel.

We offer layered evaluating, however we likewise pack our towels firmly so you can spare more on transportation costs. Get your request conveyed quick for less with us. It Can be washed and reused several times, permitting you to spare cash on paper towels and excessive cleaners.

Features Include

It is available in two sizes i.e., 15 X 25 and 16 X 27 sizes finished edges to prevent unravelling lightweight, super-permeable 100% natural cotton soft enough to be non-irritation but firm enough for proper exfoliation machine washable with minimal lint Or shedding dries quickly can be used for a multitude of household tasks clean is as clean does.

Shop At Towel Depot

We have a huge choice of items can furnish you with the quality you expect for each room in your home, business or exercise centre. We can even supply you with wholesale shinning white towels for the home. We are giving our best support of the clients to satisfy every one of their needs and make them glad.

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