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Date added: 12/05/2013 Wholesale Microfiber Cloth

 The microfiber cloth by the Towel Depot is adequate for cleaning purposes. It can be used either in soaked or dry form for different tasks. Ideally this towel is used to wipe out dirt from various spots like wood, kitchen, automotive, bathroom floors, etc. The Towel Depot microfiber cloth is specially made with firmly woven fiber. This material is apt for super fast absorption and drying.

The Towel Depot presents this effective cleaning cloth in numerous designs and colors. The intricate pattern and the durability of this cloth make it a must-have cleaning accessory. This cloth is designed in such a way that, within a quick span of time, any liquid or stain causing item that had been accidentally spilled on the surface can be removed in one go. Furthermore, this cloth has a superb sponge like soaking ability. You do not have to scratch the surface for a long time to remove a tough stain.

 It is the best choice for all the sectors whether it is a hotel, restaurant, gym or other automotive usage. The Towel Depot offers an excellent discount on this cloth. The microfiber cloth is available here at a cheaper rate and that too in large quantity. Moreover, you have the additional option of selecting the best that is in accordance to your purpose. For instance, you can select the size, color and pattern from the Towel Depot. We even have our supportive staff for your help or answering your queries. 

The microfiber cloth is the requirement of almost every household and hospitality sector, wherever cleanliness is needed. The Towel Depot supports you in this endeavor and tries to make cleaning cheaper, as well as simple for you. We often have the confusion that since the cloth is tough enough to remove stains, then it may be very harsh on the skin. However, this cloth is made in such a way that it eradicates all the dirt and even gives you a soft feeling, thereby, ensuring the safety of  your hands. 

The Towel Depot microfiber cloth can be purchased, in large quantity, to avail extra discount and use it whenever required. You can select either from a set of five or twenty five dozen. After using the microfiber cloth by the Towel Depot, we ensure you that you will make it an inseparable part of everyday cleaning items in hotels or any other area; such is the quality of the product.  


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