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100% Cotton Wholesale Mechanic Shop Rags available in natural, white and multiple colors.

Shop Rags


100 Cotton Automotive Shop Rags
All colored Shop Rags are in size 14x14 inches -

Natural Shop Rags are in size 18x18 or 18x30

Weight on colored shop rags varies from 155 to 140lbs per bale of 2,500 pcs each. 

We also dye as per your request in to any required color.

In stock

Shop Rags 18x30

1500 Pieces per bale pack 100% Cotton Automotive  Natural Shop Rags
In stock

Shop rags are provided for machine shops, military, manufacturing, auto repair centers, lube centers, body shops, service companies, print shops, paint, marinas, aerospace, janitorial cleaning and industrial cleaning throughout the United States. Wholesale shop rags are low-lint first quality rags, available in many colors.

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