Wholesale Gym Towels

Gym Towel is one of the essential one should carry while working out. At Towel Depot, We offer wide selection of gym towels.

Gym towels come in a size that is really convenient to carry in your gym bag. Along with its small size, it is also much lighter in weight, which makes it easy to tug it around with you throughout your gym session.

Why You Need Gym Towels

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        Exercise Towels

        Starting to work out and go to the gym is a goal for most people. It is the perfect way to keep us healthy, to distract us from our boring daily routines, or to gain back the love of someone special.

        Usage of Workout Towels

        Using a workout towel is an important part of proper gym etiquette. No one wants to go to use a machine, only to find it covered in sweat from the careless individual who previously used it. Something newbies often overlook is sweat towels, the towel for gym activities. Many gyms provide towels, but many conscientious gym-goers choose to purchase their own workout towels that suit their specific needs.

        Importance of Workout Towels.

        Choosing the right workout towel is partly a personal decision based on your unique needs, but there are universal reasons why it's important to use one. Towels for exercise, gym and workout activities are very important for us and they are equally important for one's health. Workout towels are crucial to a successful workout for a few reasons:

        • They minimize the spread of germs. Germs are an inevitable part of any gym. Using a workout towel to wipe the sweat from your face and body will keep it from your hands, minimizing the transfer of bacteria. If you don't use a sweat towel and instead wipe your face or forehead with your hands, which are exposed to the bacteria from the machines and equipment you use, you can transfer germs to your face and body. Pimples and fungal infections can result. Gyms, locker rooms and saunas are the optimal breeding ground for bacteria and micro fungi growth. E.coli, athlete's foot, coliforms and salmonella are a few examples of the spreadable dangers that can translate from one person to another, or from one surface to another. With the help of a clean sweat towel you wash after every use, you can minimize your exposure to these germs.
        • You can use your workout towel for added protection. Gyms offer spray bottles with cleaning solutions as well as paper towels to wipe down equipment before and after you use it. Before using a machine, consider wiping it with the provided materials, then laying your towel down for added protection. An extra barrier between you and the equipment could save you from picking up bacteria or a fungal infection.
        • Workout towels keep you feeling clean. Besides the sanitary reasons, using a sweat towel will keep you feeling clean and dry while working out. Sweat building up in your pores can cause pimples, which is why it's important to shower or at least wash your face after a good workout. Wiping your face with a clean towel during your workout will eliminate the buildup. A workout towel can keep your face, eyes and forehead feeling clean and dry.
        • Your workout towels keep you cool. Part of a good workout includes increasing your heartrate. As your heartrate increases, so does your body temperature. Use your towel to cool your body temperature during a workout. A quick swipe over your brow using your sweat towel can encourage you to push yourself further during a workout.

        Athletic Towels

        Studies have shown that one out of five Americans aged 6 and up uses a fitness facility. Booming gym patronage is fantastic for business, but crowds of people pouring through gym doors are bound to bring in germs and contaminants. The gym is also, by its nature, a sweaty place. A hard workout leaves gym patrons with their hearts racing and sweat pouring.

        For these reasons, athletic towels are essential for any gym facility.

        Yoga Towels

        It is hard to accomplish any number of yoga positions when your hands are slipping in sweat. Yoga towels are much similar to sweat towels or gym towels. Yoga is also a form of exercise but it brings out less sweat and tires your body. Some people need to comfort their body parts during the constant practicing of Yoga and for that, yoga towels are the best choice. Yoga towels are specially created to provide comfort to the users.

        Best Towel Store Online.

        Much as towels play a pivotal role in our lives, they often go unappreciated. When thinking of home décor, we generally place more premium on the items that define the entire ambiance of the house, such as shelves, furniture, blinds, wall hangings, etc.

        However, at Towel Depot, we strive to change the perception most people have about towels by emphasizing on the importance of acquiring the highest quality towel for your home.  We recognize and appreciate the different instrumental roles that towels play in our lives, and categorize them depending on their specific utilities. For instance, we have a vast assortment of fingertip towels, as well as face towels, bath towels, hand towels, to mention but a few.

        Towel Depot stocks all kinds of towels designed to cater to the various areas within your house, from the kitchen to the bathroom and even the living room. We also believe that every homeowner should upgrade their towels once in a while. And while at it, they should go all out and invest in premium quality towels that also blend in with their home décor, even if it means splurging on it.

        So, it doesn’t matter whether you recently changed homes, are doing a home makeover, or just want to replace your old towels; always look to Towel Depot as the go-to supplier for all your towel needs. And as you’ll find out, buying home towels wholesale from Towel Depot is an excellent way to save a few bucks without necessarily settling for inferior quality towels.

        Common Materials That Towels Are Made Of

        One of the reasons we underestimate the value of towels is because we think of them as average terrycloth rectangles. However, wholesale bath towels come in a variety of materials, including 100% cotton, polyester, microfiber, bamboo, etc.

        You can either settle for pure variants of each material or go for blends. For instance, cotton comes in numerous combinations, such as poly-cotton which is a blend of cotton and polyester.

        Cotton is also available in different names and quality ratings, depending on the region or country of origin. In that regard, we have Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, Sea Island cotton, Brazilian cotton, and Turkish cotton.

        Generally, choosing the material that your towel is made of depends on your individual preferences. While some people look for higher absorbency, others primarily consider durability. However, most people tend to favor bulk bath towels that are made of cotton. That’s mostly due to its relative ease of care and maintenance, reasonably high absorbency, and maximum durability.

        Towel Depot offers higher quality economy bath towels, including the rare Premium Plus collection. These premium bath towels are characterized by their plush and fluffy texture, as well as high absorbency and remarkable longevity.

        How to Determine the Weight of Towels

        Towel weight is determined by measuring the thread count. Knowing what your wholesale bath towel weighs is crucial, as the weight has a direct relationship with the quality of the towel.

        The weight and density of a towel are measured in a unit known as grams per square meter or GSM. Typically, higher GSM translates to better towel quality. Towels with a GSM rating of between 600 and 900 are considered to be top quality, while those with GSM count of between 200 and 300 tend to be of poor quality.

        Towels with higher GSM are often both thick and soft, offering better absorbency and luxurious feel.  Such towels are usually available in high-end hotels. On the other hand, low GSM towels are common in places where the towel almost needs to be disposable, such as the bar, gym, kitchen, etc.

        However, it’s also important to remember that low GSM count doesn’t necessarily equate to poor quality. That’s because certain towels may be thinner but still be strong, durable, and absorbent enough. Examples include Turkish towels.

        Choosing a Suitable Towel for Each Occasion

        When looking for bath towels by the dozen that meets your individual needs, there are numerous factors to put into consideration.

        Perhaps, you want bulk wholesale luxury bath towel that’s thick and soft enough to offer a smooth and serenading feel after taking a hot bath. Or, you desire a luxury towel that’s thin and airy; hence, dries quickly.

        You may also choose a towel depending on the nature of the work you intend to designate it for, be it for bathroom use, for wiping down office equipment, or for washing your car.

        At the end of the day, we require a towel that serves our personal needs. At Towel Depot, we stock different types of towels to cater to the varied needs of our clients.

        Uncover Our Vast Collection of Towels

        At Towel Depot, we pride ourselves in offering our clients matching towel sets. Buying bulk face towels of matching sets enables you to color code the various rooms within your house, creating a sense of organization and attention to detail. With our unlimited collection of towels, you’ll always find something that blends in with the ambiance of your house.

        At Towel Depot, we also encourage our clients to insist on premium towels. Though premium towels come with extra markups, they’re highly durable, more absorbent, and hold up to frequent washes compared to the standard cheap towels. Plus, premium towels add the much-required touch of luxury and glamor to an otherwise dull ambiance. And most importantly, you enjoy higher discounts when you order premium towels from us, which is considerably more economical than stocking your house with cheap, ragged towels.

        Also, in case you're ever in question as to what material to choose for your towel, know that you’ll never go wrong with cotton. Cotton towels add a romantic aura to a place, which explains why they’re popular with high-end resorts and spas. Towel Depot provides its clients with a broad array of Premium and Premium Plus cotton towels at reasonably discounted rates. Add a touch of comfort, luxury, and hospitality to your home by investing in our premium cotton towels.

        How to Care For Your Towel

        The following are some of the care and maintenance tips you can implement to ensure you derive maximum utility from your towels;

        1. You should wash the towels in a washer as regularly as recommended, and ensure each load contains towels of similar colors.
        2. Generally, avoid using bleach unless for bleach-safe towels. Contrary to popular perception, not all white towels are bleach-safe. Some, especially those made of cotton, have finishes on them that may wear off when you wash them with bleach. Plus, bleach generally weakens the fibers in a towel, making it less absorbent.
        3. Avoid fabric softeners. While they’re remarkable at delivering incredible softness and fluffiness to the towels, fabric softeners often coat the towels with a thin film, thereby interfering with their absorbency.
        4. Only use designated cleaning detergents and avoid getting foreign chemicals on your towels. For instance, facial products feature chemicals that wear out, lighten, and discolor towel fibers. An example is benzoyl peroxide.
        5. If you notice that the towels begin to pill, gently lift the pills using a wadded up tape. If you don’t like the idea of pilling altogether, then consider buying cotton towels as with these towels, the pills are washed away each time you do your laundry.

        Note: Always read the label before washing new towels. The manufacturer may recommend some additional care and maintenance tips, depending on the material the towel is made of.

        Also, always wash towels before using them the first time to remove any artificial treatments.

        Importance of Buying Bulk Towels

        As we’ve already repeatedly highlighted throughout this post, buying towels wholesale from Towel Depot enables you to enjoy amazing discounts. When you buy towels in bulk, the cost per piece is significantly reduced. And that’s particularly helpful if you’re looking for cheap towels for hotels use.

        An average salon, hotel, or gym requires an abundant supply of high-quality towels. That not only ensures you keep your guests feeling comfortable and appreciated, but also guarantees work continuity. As long as you understand the kinds of towels you’re looking for, you can easily order them wholesale towels & washcloths from us. That will save you the agony of having to close your business now and then to go looking for replacement towels.

        Also, buying towels in wholesale presents you with a broad collection of colors, shapes, and sizes. That way, you can color code the various places in your home or business, which isn’t only great for aesthetics but also makes it easy to track the towels.

        Another reason to consider buying towels in bulk is that you can experiment with more materials. You get better access to materials, such as cotton, polyester, bamboo, etc., depending on how and where you intend to use the towel.

        Lastly, buying wholesale ensures you always have enough towels to go around. We’ve already mentioned the inconveniences that come with stocking a limited supply of towels in your home or business. With enough stock, you won’t have to waste time waiting for the few towels to dry up so you may reuse them.

        Why Consider Towel Depot?

        Towel Depot is famous for its broad collection of towels for both personal and business needs. From hand towels to wholesale bath towels, wholesale bulk washcloths, face towels, and anything in between, we offer it all.

        Something else that separates us is our insistence on quality. We believe that a towel store isn’t like a grocery shop that you must visit every week. Therefore, we offer towels made from premium materials, featuring high GSM and with a balance of durability and aesthetics. We will guide you throughout your shopping experience, ensuring you find towels that meet your unique tastes and preferences. And don’t let the term ‘premium quality’ get you all intimidated, as our towels are priced significantly lower than the industry rates.

        Whether you need a towel for use at home or in your restaurant, hotel, or spa, you can look to Towel Depot is your reliable wholesale towels supplier.