Hair Salon Towels

100% cotton 16 x 27 inches in size. Our bleach safe salon hand towels are resistant to all peroxides and bleaches.
as low as $18.99/dz
Bleach Safe Salon Towels
Black Bleach Resistant Salon Towels

Wholesale Black Salon Towels Bleach Safe

Salon Towels Bleach Safe Black
Automotive Shop Rags
Wholesale Shop Rags
100% Cotton
From removing thick, caked-on grease from machine gears to wiping a circuit board in a cleanroom, Bulk Shop Rags are essential tools for completing a variety of work tasks. They’re super-absorbent, reusable and hemmed for extra strength, making them great for cleaning up grease, oil, grime, lubricants and other fluids.

Overlocked Finishing

Over locked edges to ensure durability, Shop towels are available in many 4 colors i.e. blue, orange , white and red.

Shop Rags Sizing

Shop Rags are in size 14 x 14 inches, overlocked on all 4 sides, made with 100% recycle cotton.

Commercial and Industrial Use.

Suited for toughest automotive and garage cleanup project, each towel. Our shop rags are perfect for factories, marine usage, automotive garages and shop maintenance to wipe up spills, grease, oil, tools, grime and other fluids.

Why Rent When you can Own

Stop paying ridiculous fees to linen companies to rent shop rags, When you buy shop rags from us, You are not paying any rental fees, It’s your’s to keep.

Wholesale Reclaimed Huck Rags
100% Cotton

Reclaimed Surgical Huck Towels also known as recycled blue & green surgical rags that are 100% Cotton. They were once purchased new by hospitals for operating rooms. We gather Surgical huck rags from many sources , Our job is to sanitize each and every one rags, before packing them into our packaging box for your commercial use.

Our surgical huck rags are ideal for commercial application such as cleaning windows, auto detailing, and much more.. They are in size 16 x 24 inches, it doesn’t matter if they are blue or green these towels get the job done perfectly.

Wholesale Hand Towels

100% Cotton
Offering various size and style hand towels. In size 15 x 25 , 16 x 27 and 16 x 30 inches.

Our budget hand towels are light weight and thin feature 100% cotton economy cotton, these towels are perfect for cleaning & big enough to be used as a car wash towel.

These towels are shipped compressed. Simply run the towels through a regular washing cycle, This will help loosen up fibers.

Hotel Bath Towels

Use on the beach or poolside as a vacation accessory, or treat yourself to spa quality towels at home. Generously sized ranging from 20 x 40 to 27 x 54 inches wholesale bath towel is extra absorbent and practical for quick drying, ample coverage, or comfortable lounging. Professionally hemmed edges are carefully crafted to enhance towel’s quality and durability. Towels are highly absorbent and will remain soft after multiple wash and dry cycles. Available in different colors.

Budget Hotel Bath Towels

Available in various colors and many different size to choose from.

Easy Care

Allow the towel to breathe by hanging it in a well-circulated area to dry after each use.

Commercial and Home Use.

Offering wholesale price which is suited to every one, either you are buying 1 dozen or 10 dozen, We offer price break down from dozen to per piece price.

Everyday Bath Towels

This is your every day bath towels, not very fluffy and not very thin just an average towel which can do the job right.

Bulk Wholesale Towels

100% Cotton bulk towels

Wholesale economy towels are ideal for every day use, available in various sizes and weight, Affordable and durable , offering fast drying times for reduced energy consumption, available in plain cam border, compress bale packaging , also offering square frame bath mats, made of 100% cotton using 10/s economy yarn.

Wholesale Institutional Towels

Available in various sizes and weight

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Towels

Each towel is extra absorbent and for multi-purpose use. We offer great savings on volume purchases, They are as low as $0.15 cents per towels on our wholesale washcloths our towels are mainly used in health clubs, nursing homes, pet grooming shop , hospice & hospitals. Our economy wholesale towels are not your every day luxury towels.

Commercial Use.

Offering budget wholesale towels which is mainly made for commercial use, they are rough terry loop, perfect for cleaning the toughest spot and ideal for pet grooming shop and any other use, You can buy a dozen or multiple quantity, We do offer bulk wholesale pricing on our towels which is suitable for every one.

Everyday Bath Towels

This is your average every day towel, Which offer’s the best value. We stock 20 x 40 , 22 x 44 , 24 x 48 , 24 x 50 , 12 x 12 , 16 x 27 , 15 x 25 & 20 x 30 , We offer many sizing option, to suit your needs.

Wholesale Golf Towels
Golf Towels w/Grommet & Hook

Every Golfer will always appreciate the absorbency and durability, Our towels are made of 100% natural ring spun cotton, buying Golf Towels in bulk is always a better option for long-term saving.

Enjoy our wide selection of white and colorful golf towels in multiple sizes such as 11 x 18 & 16 x 25 , Whether you need a white or black wholesale golf towels, We are your one stop shop.

Wholesale Rally Towels

Available in various sizes and colors

Rally & Golf Towels

Cheer on your favorite team with these colorful towels! A fun promotional item one side terry and another side velour.

Commercial Use.

They are an excellent towel for many events such as concerts, football games, basketball games, baseball games, weddings and many more. Minimum order quantity to buy our towels are 1 dozen or you can always buy as much as you desire for volume discount.

Printing on Golf & Rally Towels

You can hand them out to your customers or at events and parties. Great for cheering any sport and all sports. We now also offer embroidery, screen printing & digital printing. Logo preferred in vector or eps Adobe format. Production time varies depending on size, we can meet most production date requests. After deciding on quantity, contact us so we may quote your shipping based on your zip code.


Our finest luxurious blankets

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