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        Wholesale Golf Towels


        What are the essentials of a Golf Kit?

        A professional athlete will always be demanding about his game and his essentials related to that game. Be it a batsman looking out for his perfect knee pads or a swimmer making sure that his swimsuit is durable enough in the water, all of them take their game to a whole new level.

        When we talk about Golfers, we must know that Golfers themselves have a very different personality. Golf is not the perfect piece of cake for everyone. Not every person can master in this game. It would help if you had a lot of calmness and experience to get the hang of it. A Golfer makes sure that his Golf Kit is up to date and that the bag has all the essentials that he will need before, during or after the game.

        Some of the most important items in a Golf Kit are

        • Driver
        • Three wood
        • Hybrid
        • Gap wedge
        • Sand wedge
        • Putter
        • Golf towels
        • Clubs
        • Tees
        • irons

        All of the above items in a golf kit have their importance. A golfer may keep many items that do not belong to the course but are surely a part of his game like sunscreen, a golf towel or maybe even a first aid kit. A well equipped game cannot be compared to a game that isn't well equipped.

        A golfer should know exactly what to include and what to subtract from his golf kit on a regular basis. The clubs should be clean. The balls should shine, and the golf towels should smell nice on the day of the game. Using a proactive approach to organizing your golf kit will save time as well as energy.

        Why do you need a Golf Towel at the Golf Course?

        Golf towels are made up of terry velour. They are usually made out of blended cotton. They soak up the moisture really well. These towels are also very efficient in drying themselves up. Terrycloth is the perfect material when it comes to golf towels.

        Let's talk about velour. Velour word comes from the French dictionary, which means 'velvet.' It goes under the same process as velvet but has cotton instead of silk. Velour has a super luxurious feel, just like the material velvet, and you will thoroughly enjoy using this material to wipe away the gold balls. Treat your equipment with all the royalty they deserve. There is certainly no other material that will match the need and the productivity of a golf towel besides these materials.

        Golf towels have several uses at the golf course. It is not just a mere piece of the towel at the course to wipe the sweat away but rather has any other uses as well. You can compare the importance of a gold towel with that of tees and spikes. Golfers keep their golf towels in their golf towels, and they are often purchased in bulk.

        Buying golf towels in bulk has its advantages. It will be easy on the pocket as buying one golf towel will surely be heavy on the pocket. Buying golf towels in bulk will also be feasible as you will have some extra towels to use and also share with others if there is a sudden need. Keep more than a golf towel in your golf kit and stay stress free.

        The main reason for carrying a golf towel if to clean off the clubs and the balls in the game. If there is any dust or dirt on the balls or the club, the club's efficiency is affected. The debris that gets on the club because of the swinging of the clubs in the air during the game often causes the golfers to lose the game. The players clean their clubs almost after every swing to avoid any loss and disturbance in their game.

        A golf towel can clean grass stains, debris, dirt and any other kind of particles that can cause the game flow to slow down. Keep a few to designate them for different uses. You surely wouldn't want to mix the one you use for cleaning your face and the one you use for wiping off the dirt from the balls and the clubs.

        Your personal golf towels hold equal importance. Nobody wants to play when they are really hot and sweaty and cannot concentrate on the game properly. Golf towels will help you stay fresh and will also let you concentrate on the game. A numb golf towel will act as a refreshing cooling agent during the game and your skin will love the whole feel of it.

        You might have seen many golfers with a damp golf towel wrapped around their necks after some swings played in an open golf course. There are golf towels that can be used as a cooling agent as well. Do not get desperate and use the same dirty towels to cool off; instead, always keep some extra towels in your golf kit for use in the time of need.

        The golf towels are also used to clean any wetness on the balls. There are ball washing stations in almost all the good and maintained golf courses. Use the golf towel to dry the balls away. Many golfers also trust the golf towel by using the towel to clean the grip on the clubs. They say that by cleaning the grips on the clubs enhances their productivity in the game and makes it easier to hold the clubs more firmly. Well, we do not mind if you have an extra grip on the clubs. It will for sure make the game more powerful for you.

        A golf towel also allows you to stay fresh on the golf course. Using a wet golf towel on your face in between the game on a hot humid day will definitely feel like a blessing. Golf towels are easy to wash and maintain as well. They are light in weight and can easily be carried with you during the game. They quickly dry up as well but having some extra pieces in your golf bag is always a good idea.

        Keeping your clubs clean and wiping them off after every two to three swings also keeps them away from getting rusty. The golfers are aware that a rusty club will affect their overall performance in the game.

        Purchase different colored golf towels so that you do not get bored of the same color being used in every game. You can also mix and match the colors with your golf bag and your track suit with your golf towel. How amazing will that look? Different colored golf towels will not mix the personal towels and the towels used for cleaning the gold items. Personal golf towels and cleaning golf towels will not be mixed up on the gold course.


        Tips for decorating your Golf Towel


        Games these days have turned into big events and you will always find some sponsors and companies who are willingly paying for the sponsorship and holding fundraisers to benefit a cause. Many groups and organizations hold a day at the course for their employees. Many brands look for smart giveaways at the game. They volunteer for team shirts and other marketing stuff with their brand logo printed. With a game so popular, no company would want to miss their chance of getting into the marketing bandwagon.

        Golf towels are really easy to decorate and customize. The heat seal machines make it very easy to do so. The towels are laid on the machine and the heat transferred on the towel doesn't damage the golf towel at all. It is best to know which materials are easy to use in the heat machine and which might get burnt or destroyed before you apply this method for decorating your golf towel.

        If your golf towel is a little flat, then any screen printing or digital print will easily come on the fabric. Whereas if your golf towel is very soft and fluffier you are then getting it embroidered would be the best option.

        Golf towels are very classy. They look super elegant when customized. Many golfers like to get their initials printed or embroidered on their golf towels to add that extra personal touch. Many brands make golf towels with their brand's name embossed on the towels so that whenever these towels are used the name of their brand will stay in the minds of the people using.


        Adding Grommets to Golf Towels


        Many golf towels are attached to the golf kit but there will be times when you will see the golf towel attached to the side belt of their pants of a golfer. Golfers often like to hang their golf towels during the whole game at the side of their jeans or pants. Since they are light-weight the golfers do not feel uncomfortable during the game. The perfect piece of cloth hangs on their side during the whole game and is used efficiently by the golfers.

        Adding a grommet in one corner of the towel makes it easier to get clipped almost anywhere. You can attach and detach it at your convenience. Adding the grommet on the golf towel is very easy and can be done at home as well. Just follow these easy steps:

        • Measure carefully where you want your grommet on the golf towel. Mark the towels with a pencil or a marker light enough to be seen by the naked eye.

        • Place the golf towel on a piece of wood.

        • Insert the tall half of the grommet through the hole.

        • Stack the grommet, cloth and the washer on the base tool to end it.

        Hooks like that used in the shower curtain are used to secure or clip the bag's towels. many golfers use the hook on the side buckle of their belt for easy access to the towel. The golf towel doesn't cause any disturbance in their game but is sure available whenever they need it.

        Many golf towels have a swivel mount attached to them. They are attached in the same way as other golf towels using the same clip. The advantage of a swivel mount is that you can grab the towel, use it and release it. The golf towel will g back in its position with the help of the elastic string attached to the golf towel. Don't worry! It can be detached with convenience, washed, dried, and attached again to the golf kit.


        Using your Golf Towel in practices


        The good practice can only be done if it is done the right way. You need to be fully prepared just like in the actual game to get in the mood. The golfer should always be well equipped at his practices. Things might be totally different for him on the day of the main game if he is not fully equipped and dint practice with his belongings before.

        Keeping the right clubs and balls, checking your spikes and tees and stacking up on several golf towels in your bag will definitely save the day on the day of the main event.


        What to look in a Golf Towel


        Having the right golf equipment plays a huge role in the overall game. You should know what to see in a golf towel to make it your purchase.

        • The golf towel should be able to absorb moisture quickly and effectively. If your golf towel isn't absorbent, then owning one is just useless. Such a towel cannot be used on the main golf course.

        • The golf towel should be able to clean off any debris and dirt. If the towels clear out the dirt without leaving a scratch on the surface, then you know you made the right decision.

        • Spend some extra bucks on a clip and get the golf towel attached to your golf kit. If the golf towels aren't accessible during the game, you should definitely consider easy convenience options.

        • Do look for a size which you think works best for you in the golf course. It is always better to purchase various sizes because the size of the towel being mainly depends on the weather condition.

        • Having a golf budget is important. Many golfers do not have one, and they buy whatever is priced and suits best for them. You do not have to spend an arm and a leg to get the best golf towels in town and start your game.


        How to take care of your towel?

        Your towels will stay with you if you take some extra care of them. Wash your golf towels regularly and make sure that all of the dirt and debris in the towels have been taken care of. Use a mild detergent to wash the golf towels. Detergents that are colorfast is advisable since it will not make the colors bleed.

        Make sure to see which material of the towel is allowed in the dryer of your machine. Some are recommended to air dry while some are ok in the dryer. Always read instructions before washing and drying away your laundry to avoid any mishap.

        Use a softener if you want that extra softness and that nice smell to your towel. A little smell to your golf towels won't do any harm. Use these little things to make your game extra special and personalized.

        Chose the golf towel that works best for you. Your golf towel should have the right size according to your usage and your comfort. The color, material, feel, cost, and convenience should align with your game and purchasing power.

        Why Should You Consider Wholesale Golf Towels?

        Golf towels, as the name suggests, are towels that golfers use to prepare their equipment before taking their next shot. What golf towels are to golfers is the same thing that chalk is to pool players. 

        You’ve probably observed as golfers wipe down their clubs and balls using these towels, and may have wondered what value the towels add to the game. As you may already know, a dirty golf ball or club directly impacts a golfer’s performance and could spell the difference between winning and losing a round.

        Remember, golf balls are designed with dimples that enable them to travel further than a smooth ball would. And as the ball covers a greater distance, it gathers more dirt, dust, and grime. Without cleaning the ball as regularly as you should, you only allow the dirt to set in.

        Evidently, the role that wholesale golf towels with grommet and hook play cannot be overemphasized. But why would you want to buy golf towels wholesale? 

        First, seasoned golfers have a lot more dirt to worry about, and must, therefore, stock enough supplies of wholesale golf towels. For such golfers, buying purple golf towels wholesale is an excellent way to save big as they’re likely to get the towels at discounted rates compared to buying them in single pieces. All it requires is investing in high-quality yellow golf towels and following an appropriate maintenance plan, and the towels could serve you for years on end. At Towel Depot, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality but cheap golf towels in bulk, which come in smooth fabrics that boast powerful absorbency.

        Besides, golf towels serve more functions than just being used to clean golf equipment. You could also use them to cover your neck and wipe off sweat from your face on a hot day or dry your hands during playtime to allow for a better grip. You don’t want a single towel for all these tasks. Not only would that expose your skin to germs and bacterial infections, but it might also cause the towel to wear out much faster.

        Golf course managers can immensely benefit from golf towels too. By stocking enough of these towels, you won’t subject your guests through the agony of leaving the course to get their towels and clean their faces and equipment. And if you operate a busy course, then your best bet is to buy golf towels wholesale.

        The following are more reasons to buy golf towe lsin bulk;

        1. Promotes Good Sanitary Practices

        Let’s face it; we sweat a lot while playing golf. At first, glance, sharing a golf towel may not seem like much. However, it’s the easiest way to transmit germs among players. 

        Buying wholesale golf towels means you always have enough towels to go around. Even when you’ve cleaned some towels and are waiting for them to dry, you’ll always have more golf hand towels ready for use. As a player, you may even consider loaning a towel to your opponent as a show of sportsmanship. 

        2. Saves Time

        Having enough golf towels saves you the hassles of running to buy or wash the towels during playtime. 

        3. Enhances Focus

        Without golf towels, you’ll be reduced to running around to clean your equipment and wipe the sweat off your body. 

        Not only does that eat into your precious time, but it also hampers concentration. Having a stockpile of towels for use on the go helps golfers to stay focused.

        4. Ensures Uniformity

        Golfers are orderly sportsmen, and investing in wholesale golf towels is a perfect way to foster a unified look. As a golf course manager, buying towels wholesale enables you to experiment with a broad collection of colors, materials, and texture. You can then offer the towels to each golfer depending on their individual requirements. Some golfers prefer towels of darker shades as they hide much dirt while others love white towels as they recreate the ambiance of a spa. 

        Buying golf towels wholesale also offers you leverage in terms of quality. And as you may already know, quality-matching towels will lift the spirits of your guests, thereby enhancing their confidence and performance. 

        What’s more – you can consider golf towel blanks for embroidery, golf towel blanks for printing your company logo, slogan, or custom text on the towels. That’s an ingenious way of promoting your company’s image while also making your towels unique and trackable.

        Note: By having enough supply of high-quality golf towels, you not only save on time and money but are also able to focus on the game much better.

        Looking for Best Golf Towel?

        At Towel Depot we provide the best golf towels for luxury and elite experience as the game itself represents royalty so we have used special material in our golf towels to provide ultra smooth sweat wiping experience. The best golf towels will lengthen the life expectancy of the clubs and enhance the reliability of the contact between ball and clubface for a better trajectory.

        About Terry Velour Golf Towels 

        Golf is associated with royalty. Indeed, the popularity of golf during the 16th century was mostly due to royal endorsements from France and England. 

        To carry on with that covetous reputation, most golfers prefer to stock items that have royalty written all over them, and that includes golf towels. Not only are luxurious towels easy on your skin, but they also boost your confidence, enabling you to approach the game with more optimism.

        Speaking of royal beauty, very few towels come close to terry velour golf towels. Contrary to what you may expect, luxury and prohibitive costs don’t always go hand in hand. And as you shall find, our towels, though they’re designed in high-end fabrics, are still offered within industry-competitive rates.

        For some people, buying cheap golf towels may seem like the more attractive option, but it’s all a false economy. Such towels wear out much faster, causing you to spend on more towels every now and then. 

        When you buy our towels, you’re assured of durability. And the fact that you won’t need to replace them more frequently than you should saves you money in the long run.

        Origin of Terry Velour Golf Towels

        The word terry is originated from the French word, tirer, which means “to pull”. The first terry towels were made by pulling out the loops by hand. 

        You may already be conversant with terrycloth that’s made of uncut loops, usually pure cotton or a blend of cotton and other materials.

        Terrycloth is your go-to fabric if looking for a golf towel that soaks up maximum sweat. Besides, they dry faster compared to towels made of standard fabric. 

        Our Terry Velour golf towels are 100% cotton, which gives them higher absorbency.

        On the other hand, Velour is French for velvet, which means the fabric comes with a soft, comfortable, and luxurious feel. The processes of making velour and velvet are similar, except for the fact that velour uses cotton in the place of silk and synthetic fabrics. 

        Why Choose Terry Velour Golf Towels?

        When searching for the best fabric for your golf towels, look no further than terry velour. And with terry velour golf towels from Towel Depot, you get a luxurious feel, maximum durability, and affordability in one package. 

        Each side of a terry velour golf towel comes with unique utility. You can use the terry side to soak up sweat while using the velour side to clean the grooves and polish your golf clubs without scratching them.

        The following are the main benefits you enjoy when you choose our terry velour towels;

        1. Soft feel,
        2. Extended durability,
        3. Fast-drying,
        4. Maximum absorbency, and
        5. Gentle cleaning

        The regal feel and look of our terry velour towels make them all the more ideal for golfers who believe in creating a royal impression on the golf course, at minimum financial investment.

        The Role of Grommet in a Golf Towel

        Grommet refers to the metal ring that’s sewn inside a golf towel. Also known as an eyelet, the grommet primarily protects the towel fabric from wear. It also offers a hole through which you can hang the towel on a hook. 

        As most towels for golf bags are designed with a place to hook your towel, it pays to invest in a small golf towel that features an eyelet. As we already mentioned, you wouldn’t want to waste time searching for a towel to wipe the sweat off your hand or clean the equipment during playtime. But with a grommet in your golf towel, you can easily hang it on the special hook provided in your golf bag, allowing for ease of access. 

        The following are some of the benefits you get when you invest in our terry velour golf towels;

        1. Versatility – Grommets enable you to hang your towels wherever you feel is the most accessible place.
        2. Convenient – Your main reason for purchasing a golf towel is to enhance convenience. Therefore, it’s only natural that you buy terry velour golf towels with grommets, as the eyelets offer that extra convenience.
        3. Durability – Grommets improve the strength of your golf towels by reducing fraying and tearing. 

        Some people may be tempted to cut a hole through their towels on their own. There are numerous dangers to doing that. First, you’ll likely damage your towel.

        Plus, the holes you’ll cut out won’t be as precise as those made by professional golf towel designers, hence the towel will lose its allure. And contrary to what you might think, grommets don’t come with significant additional weight or price differences.

        Caring for Terry Velour Golf Towels

        Since our golf cart towels or terry velour golf towels are made with 100% cotton, you should exercise due care when cleaning and maintaining them. 

        The following maintenance procedures might help keep your terry velour golf towels in shape for decades;

        • Dry the towels using low-to-moderate heat, as excess heat might loosen their fibers.
        • Before drying the towels, shake them thoroughly to fluff the terry loops.
        • To prevent stiffening, wash using mild detergent.
        • Air-dry or tumble-dry the terry velour towels. If you’re air-drying them, hang the towels on a flat surface to enable them to breathe and prevent mildew growth. Avoid ironing the towels, as that may affect their absorbency.
        • To reduce unpleasant odors, run the towels twice through the washer using baking soda.
        • Limit the use of fabric softeners, since they may cause a waxy buildup on your towels.
        • Wash the towels as regularly as possible to prevent dirt and stains from setting in.
        • Always use warm or cold water. Avoid hot water as it may cause the towels to fade or lose their softness.
        • Since terry velour fabrics produce lint, store your golf towels separate from your other clothing.
        • Most importantly, check the care and maintenance instructions in the label and follow them to the letter.

        When cleaning terry velour golf towels, the general rule is to wash them gently in warm water, using just enough detergent and chemicals. If washing set colors, reduce the amount of detergent you’d use for regular load by half and make up for that by half a cup of white vinegar.

        The vinegar removes suborn stains, softens the towels, and helps eliminate all detergent residues. If bleaching the towels, use warm water with color-safe bleach for colored fabrics. For white towels, you may experiment with bleach and hot water.

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