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Wholesale Bar Towels

Wholesale Bar Towels – Why do you need them

No matter you are cooking for yourself, your family, or you are the owner of a restaurant. Every kitchen of every size needs a whole stack of bar towels for many purposes.

Cleanliness is half faith. While working in your kitchen you need to use these must-have kitchen tools. You will use them for cleaning purposes to prevent yourself from burning hot pots.

The usual kitchen towels you use do not serve the purpose perfectly. The bar mop towels are much more absorbent and are more efficient than the traditional kitchen towels you get.

Keep on reading this article to know various ways in which you can use bar towels. Besides, you will also learn how you can reuse your bar towels by keeping them clean and fresh.

Bar Towels?

Bar mops towels are white colored highly absorbent towels used in kitchens and restaurants for multiple purposes. They are more durable than the usual kitchen towels we get.

Bar mops are made up of ribbed cotton terry having small loops interlaced into a fabric. The dense fibers of bar mops have sponge-like qualities making them more absorbent than everyday dish towels. 

Bar mops or bar towels are usually white in color or white with a colored stripe according to the buyer’s need. They are white in color to make cleaning easy and provide a uniform look.

Once dirty you can reuse the bar mops by washing them with a strong sanitizer or bleach. When washed they are prepared to utilize once more as all the dirt and stains are easily removed from the bar mops leaving them sparkling white.

Bar mops are the essential kitchen tools that can serve you in many different ways.

How are bar mops and kitchen towels different?

Bar mops or bar towels are comparatively smaller, stronger, and last longer than the average kitchen towels. Kitchen towels we usually use have different colors and they come in a variety of fun designs as per buyers need whereas bar mops are white as milk to ensure easy cleaning.

Another difference between bar mops and kitchen towels lies in the size of two. Kitchen towels are larger in size whereas bar mops are smaller rectangular dish towels. They are made in smaller sizes to ensure quick cleaning of the kitchen counters and for an easier grip.

Although both bar mops and kitchen towels are made up of cotton, terrycloth bar mops are exceptionally absorbent and much more resilient than kitchen dish towels.

Keeping the physical differences aside, one of the biggest differences between bar mops and wholesale kitchen towels is in their usage. Kitchen dish towels are used with care, stay clean after use and you hung them up to use again. Bar mops, on the other hand, are used for fearless use. Bar mops are particularly made for people to use daringly wherever they need. Whether it is an untidy place or wet place, or you need something to handle high heat, bar mops are always there to help you out. They are not to be used with extra care because of the fear that they will get ruined.

Bar mops are usually not bought as a single piece, at the towel shops they are sold in bulks usually dozens therefore whenever they get dirty the replacement is always available. The white cotton bar towels are an essential part of heavy-duty kitchens. Besides, home kitchen cotton bar mops are a must-have of every restaurant, whether it’s a long chain of hotels or a small local bistro.

However, the purpose of bar towels is not limited to any particular kitchen. In addition to their use in hotels and bistros, these bar towels can be a great helping tool at your home kitchen as well.

The productivity and strength of bar mops are a quick and perfect alternative to kitchen paper towels that are usable for a single time only or thinner kitchen rags.

Where to use Bar Mop Towels

Although the name of bar mops shows that they are meant for bartenders, to make the cleaning process easy for them and wiping down the bars while casually chatting with the customers. But actually they are an indispensable tool for all restaurant staff and for everyone working in the kitchen.

The durable bar mops are used by the chefs to keep themselves protected while cooking. Besides they use it to keep their kitchen counters clean.

While expeditors trust on a clean wholesale bar mop to perfect each plate before it gets served. Despite using and manufacturing as a powerful cleaning tool, bar mops serve many other functions as well. Bar mops save your time as well as they are widely used to wipe out dishes and knives etc. during cooking.

In the restaurants and bars, bartenders and waiters always keep a bar towel with them, it makes it easy for them to ensure a spot-free table and clean away anything spilled. As bar mops are small in size, it is easy for the bartenders to tuck in a bar towel in their apron in order to get it in any urgent need.

Although bar mops are inevitable in restaurants and they have endless uses, we have pinned down some of the most critical uses of bulk bar mops that help you to keep your restaurant run smoothly.

  1. To clean the cutting boards: In the restaurants because of too much cutting, the cutting boards can be cluttered with the leftovers of onion skin, carrots tops, and other food scraps. It leaves the cutting board dirty and unhygienic. A dry bar mop can be perfectly used to throw the debris off the cutting board into the bin. If you are cutting sticky foods like garlic, a damp bar towel is perfect to easily wipe the cutting board clean.
  1. To wipe out the knives: While cutting and making food, it is not a wise idea to keep on running to sink to wash the knife again and again. To remove the crumbs, seeds, or just to wipe out the knife you should always keep a stripe bar towels in hand. To keep the knives, clean throughout the shifts, chefs should have a folded bar mop beside them.
  1. To add stability: Everyone’s life is busy now and especially in the restaurants where you have to serve hundreds of dishes on an hourly basis you need to be speedy while doing your work but chopping foods quickly without any precautionary measure can be dangerous on a slippery surface. Bar towels can save you here as well. By placing a damp bar mop underneath a cutting board prevents it from shifting. Besides, wrap round, slippery foods like watermelon or squash in a bar towel to give them extra stability while cutting thus they do not roll. These may look small steps but these trivial precautions can have substantial benefits for the safety of cooks while they are using sharp knives.
  1. To grab hot pans: During cooking, chef has to work with many hot objects. Whether its saucepans cast irons, baking sheets, or other cooking utensils. Bar mops are the perfect fit to grab all these hot pans. You can double the bar mops and use them as hot pads. In this way, you will not need separate heat resistant pads and you can pull off hot pans from oven easily. A durable bar towel fit easily in the apron for easy access wherever is needed and will protect against burns.
  1. To remove hot lids: While cooking things can get steamy and hot, it’s hard to pull off the hot lids of the pans. To be on the more secure side it is advised to grab the hot lids with a bar towel to keep yourself protected from burns or splashes from simmering sauces or hot water pots.
  1. To wring out moisture: Out of many uses, one use of bar mops is to wring out the moisture from spinach, potatoes, and lettuce. Rather than using many paper towels to dry out the moisture from shredded vegetables, it is better to wrap bar towels and squeeze out the extra humidity. Bar mops can also be used as salad spinner and it dries out the lettuce or greens.
  1. To clean the plates before the presentation: In fine dining restaurants, a neat and sophisticated presentation of the food is a must. People pay money and they expect a perfect presentation of the food they order. Besides, food that looks good to the eyes automatically tastes better. Therefore, to keep the platters clean expediters use bar towels to wipe the soup splashes or any sauce squishes before it floods to the ground.
  1. To carry hot plates: After cooking or baking when dishes come burning hot from the oven, plates or bowls are really hot for the servers to carry with bare hands. Bar towels are here to serve the purpose, they protect the hands and fingers of the servers while they carry hot items to customers. Besides, the shimmering white of a clean bar towel makes the presentation of the dish look professional and attractive.
  1. To clean tables and chairs: In restaurants where hundreds of people visit on a daily basis, it is not practically possible to wash the tables every time a customer leaves. There must be a quick way to flip the tables between dinners and lunch before new customers can get seated. To increase the efficiency and save time servers use bar mops to wipe away any leftovers and to clean the tables and chairs to be used for the next diners.

  2. To polish silverware and plates: When the silverware and dirty plates come out of the dishwasher, a damp bar towel is perfect to clean any soapy residue and polishing them until they shine. Besides, a dry bar mop can be used to dry up the washed plates and silverware quickly.
  1. To clean up spills: In every area of a restaurant, where hundreds of people are served with food and drinks it is not possible to avoid spills on the floor and tables. In addition to customers, cooks who are busy cooking a variety of dishes spill sauces as they rush around the kitchen. If servers and cooks have a stack of highly absorbent bar towels on hand it allows them to tackle spills quickly, no matter how big they are.
  1. To wipe the bar: The last but not the least, the namesake function of the bar mop is mopping the bar. As there is a rush of customers in the bars and restaurants, bartenders must quickly wipe away the spilled drips and water rings made from the drinks to keep the bar neat and clean. 

How to take proper care of the bar mops:

As bar mops are very handy and they have many versatile uses, a restaurant or kitchen needs a whole stack of them to ensure their availability every time it’s needed. Besides keeping a lot of them it is also a must to keep these bar mops clean to maintain a sanitary and safe restaurant.

To keep the surfaces clean and sanitized that come in contact with food, it is a must to use the proper sterilizer and to keep towels separate to avoid cross-contamination. In the wet and warm environment of a kitchen, there is an open ground for the bacteria to grow on towels.

It will leave the customers sick if you do not vigilantly keep your bar towels clean. To take proper care of the bar towels to guarantee they are germ-free you should follow some of the precautionary measures:

  • Get them in dozens: If you want to prevent cross-contamination and improper cleaning of bar towels the best way is to have a whole stack of bar towels at your restaurants. If clean towels are always available, bussers do not need to use the dirty towels and can toss them in the laundry instead of continuing to wipe tables with a soiled towel because they do not have other towels left with them. If chefs have bar towels more than they need, they will never get short of the towels to clean the knives and cutting boards. Having replacements of the dirty towels is a must as they are used to wipe out the spills.
  • Keep separate towels for separate purposes: Another important precautionary measure you should always take care of is to keep the bar towel separate. The kitchen staff should have separate towels for every purpose, likewise, servers should have their own bar mops to clean the tables and bars. A bar towel that is used to clean up the raw materials of animals should not be used to wipe the plates or knives. Similarly, towels that are used to wipe out chemical surfaces should not serve the cleaning purpose of food items. To keep separate towels for different purposes helps to prevent cross-contamination. Keep the bar mops separate and organized by having them in different colored strips or having them plain white.
  • Use proper sanitizer: To sanitize the bar mops that come in contact with food surfaces place them in the separate basket and wash with the sanitizer that is not too harsh to ensure proper cleaning. Always make sure to maintain the sanitizer at the right temperature and concentration, and change sanitizing towels frequently throughout a whole day. Do not keep any towel with visible stains or debris and swap them from a new towel. This is one other reason you should have extra bar towels.
  • Store towels properly: Besides cleaning, storing the towels in the right and safe place is also necessary. Keep extra bar towels that are not in use in a dry area to avoid contamination and germs growth. Bar towels should be in easy access for all restaurant staff and anyone who wants clean bar mop should get it on hand.

Washing and Sanitizing Bar Towels:

Another indispensable part of caring for your bar towels is proper washing and sanitizing. Restaurants use a lot of bar towels and they will have heaps of dirty bar towels at the end of every shift. Regular washing of bar towels is needed to ensure that your kitchen is stocked with properly sanitized bar towels. Now we will look upon some tips to make sure that your bar mops are properly washed and sanitized:

  • Wash the bar towels separately: As bar mops have to come in contact with food and other heavy-duty messes, you should always wash bar mops that serve the purpose of wiping tables and comes in contact with food separately. Do not mix them with other clothes and towels.

  • Bar towels that are dirty should be stored in an isolated laundry bin. Do not mingle them with shirts, aprons, tablecloths, and other linen used in the restaurant.

  • Bar towels are specially made up of high heat resistance material, so they can get washed on high temperatures.

  • Towels that are used to wipe away food places should be washed with special care. They must not get mixed with clothing or fabrics washed with fabric softener or aromatic cleaners.

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