3 Essential Items Beach Accessories Your Store Should Stock

3 Essential Items Beach Accessories Your Store Should Stock

We feel the crisp Fall breeze, but your customers are still not ready to pack up their bikinis and beach shorts just yet.

That means there are still plenty of beach-goers out there. Here are 3 essential items you must have in your beach equipment stores.

Waterproof Tote Bag

This is one item that will be taking care of the twenty other items a person will be carrying on their day out to the beach. Sunscreen, a pair of shades, snacks to munch on, first aid, that book they plan on reading under the sun; beach-goers need a utensil to carry all of them together and a tote bag will help them do just that!

With one large tote bag by their side, one doesn’t have to fret over ten different containers and carriers to hold most of their stuff. They will have all of their go-to items in one place to be used when required. The bigger, the better! Make sure you stock waterproof bags, though. You don’t want customers complaining of the waves and the wet sand seeping through their bags and ruining their belongings!

Pro-tip: Stock bags with multiple pockets to better organize all of your customers’ belongings.

Sun Hat

When a person is going out in the sun, they’re going to need an adornment for their head and sun hats are the perfect tool for that. Be warned though; sun hats are more than just a fashion statement. They also protect an individual from the scorching sun rays outside.

Sure, wearing a thick layer of sunscreen is important to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that’s all the protective gear you need in your store.

With a sun hat, your customers will be protecting their scalps as well as giving their eyes relief from the constant bombardment of the sun rays. This way, not only will they get natural protection from the cancerous UV radiation, they will also be avoiding nasty sunburns and thanking you for having just the right accessory for them.

Pro-tip: take into account the color, brim size and the material of the hats you stock in your store.

Beach Towel

Don’t even think about skipping out on beach towels when you’re stacking beach equipment in your shop! While people often substitute it with a bath towel, having a specific beach towel comes with its own advantages.

collection of affordable range of beach

They are usually larger than regular towels, perfect for snuggling up in when it gets too windy or acting as a cover for one to dress or undress under at the beach. Moreover, it can be difficult to get sandy grains or the smell of sunscreen completely off from the towel fabric, in which case having one that is designated specifically for a beach trip is the ideal option.

Pro-tip: Roll them up and organize them neatly on your shelves for better display.

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