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Treat Yourself Like Royalty: Interesting Towel Folding Ideas

Sushi is not the only thing Japanese culture has contributed to the world! Towel origami is also a product of Japanese art.

Towel origami is an art that luxury hotels and high-end spas generously invest in, in order to achieve an aesthetic outlook and enhance the visual appeal of their services.

The towel décor welcoming us for a long, cathartic bath in a luxury hotel is a major reason why we opt for five-star places when going on a vacation.

Folding towels creatively is not something which comes naturally to the hotel management. Nor do they always come up with new ways to fold and decorate their luxury towels the way we see them. This branch of art is taught and learnt on many forums and is also crucial to the salon business.

With an increasing number of women contesting for hygienic salon services, the challenge posed to salons to meet these demands while simultaneously being innovative has magnified.

When it comes to salons, the aesthetic appeal of the environment helps in catalyzing the business. Clients will rarely ever hold the salon accountable for conducting an external inspection of their hygiene standards.

No matter how clean a towel is, a shabbily dumped one lying in a corner will be suspected for lack of cleanliness. Whereas a neatly folded or even better, decoratively folded one is preferred.

A lot can be achieved just by rearranging and alternatively displaying products that you already have to create a completely new outlook.

Here are some interesting towel folding ideas that can help improve the outlook of your salon and boost sales.

Towel Fan

Fans are common designs used by hotels to arrange their towels on luxury beds in bedroom suites to welcome guests and leave them with a pleased smile. The top layer of the folded towel resembles the shape of a Chinese fan, with its folded pleats neatly resting on a fluffy base.

Towel Cake

Hotels innovate the way they prepare a room for a wedding night of a married couple by coming up with designs like a towel cake. This consists of a couple of different sized towels coiled into flat circular bases, stacked on top of another to give the look of a multi-tiered wedding cake.

Towel Candles

Towel Candles

In order to remind the guests to treat themselves to a relaxing hour in a hot bath with aromatic scented candles lit around them, hotels display candles made out of towels. These are artistically folded towels coiled up with a little corner protruding from above to represent a flame.

Towel Swan

Towel Swan

Walking in your hotel room to see an elegantly-placed swan with wings delicately spread out on your bed instantly stirs up romance in the air. It is a thoroughly beautiful sight to catch, making it an almost irresistible urge to reach out and touch the masterpiece to see if it is actually not real!

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