How To Prevent Towel Fibers From Getting Stiff And Rough

How To Prevent Towel Fibers From Getting Stiff And Rough

Spending big on buying luxury towels that have a silky touch and leave your skin baby-smooth can go down the drain due to carelessness while laundering your towels.

Since luxury towels are manufactured with a greater density of cotton fiber because of higher GSM, the chances of chemical buildup left on the base can increase, causing the fibers to become rough and stiff.

The residue left behind that is not dissolved by the solvent is what causes a rough coating to form on the previously soft fiber. Using this on sensitive skin can develop rashes or even leave you with inflammation.

Even though manufacturers are usually blamed for such outcomes, the real culprit is not us, but harsh detergents, that you generously use while washing your towels. Not only do they wash away dirt and grime but also steal its lasting soft touch and manufacturing finish.

While we realize it is a big investment that households, salons, and institutions regularly make in purchasing stocks of towels for use, the high quality can be retained through prevention of some laundry do’s and don’ts.

Here is a list of things to protect your towels from:

  • Bleach
  • Residue of Fabric Softeners
  • Excessive Chemical Detergents
  • Starched Ironing

sole reason behind damaging of your bath linens

Detergents and product buildup are not the sole reasons behind the damaging of your bath linens. The cause could also be ironing towels on high temperatures using spray on starch. This is a practice common to dry-cleaning services which attempt to refine their results by giving back stiffly-ironed towels. What they don’t realize is the quality of fiber which is being compromised in the process.

These suggestions will help you keep your towels fresh as new and avoid losing their desired softness.

  1. Rinse Thoroughly With Warm Water

Warm water has the property of dissolving even the most stubborn of detergent glands that are stuck at the base of your towel’s fiber strands. Rinsing your towels thoroughly in warm water after soaking them in detergent ensures that even the last bits of those harsh chemicals are washed off.

  1. Fabric Softeners

Fabric Softeners

Even though we generally add fabric softeners to leave our laundered clothes with a soft touch, they might act counter-productively if used in excess. What can be done to avoid that is to use moderate to fewer quantities of fabric softeners and wash them off from the towels completely to avoid leaving the residue.


  1. Home Remedies

Since harsh chemicals are toxic for fabric quality, they can also be avoided completely by using safer alternatives. Instead of using fabric softeners which may leave behind residues, a cup of white vinegar can be used occasionally to soften your towels, leaving them fluffier and softer.

Not only does vinegar soften your towels but also dislodges the previous buildup from the fibers to leave them clean for use.

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